Our Scouts go on an Expedition!

29 July 2021


Over the weekend of the 10/11th July our Scouts came together to take on their Expedition Challenge Award.  The award consists of many elements including compass work and map reading, hiking, Trangia cooking and most importantly to work as a team and have fun.


Day one

To start our Expedition the team met at Base 2000 in Popley.  From here we hiked 3 miles to the Morgaston Wood within the Vyne ground, taking around 2 hours. Throughout the hike the team took it in turns to navigate our way to our destinations using their compasses and map

Once at the woods the Scouts set up their areas have their lunch. During our time here we also got to learn about the Trangia Stove and how to use these ready to be able to cook on these ourselves during day 2.


Whilst in the woods we also needed to plan our route for day 2 – another key element to the Award is to plan and take part in a hike without leaders and only check points along the route!  Following a rest, some lunch and a plan for day 2 sorted it was time to hike back – another 2 hours and 3 miles!




If the Scouts thought they had an easy nights sleep in their beds ahead, they had another think coming!  Covid restrictions may have put halt to proper camping but our Scouts had to spend a night in a den or camp at home to tick another of the challenge award elements!


Day 2

Bright and early on day 2 the Team met up ready for another day of adventure. The challenge stepped up and the Scouts were about to embark on the route they had planned during our lunch stop the day before, without the Leadership team and only check in points along the route!

Our Scouts started at All Saints Church in Deane and hiked to Bull Bushes Copse.

Once the Scouts reached the copse they got on with setting up their Trangia Stoves.   The Scouts took it in turns cooking their own meals and they even got to try a rehydration pack; it’s safe to say the reviews were very mixed about the taste!

After lunch and a rest it was time to complete the expedition and our final hike back to Sainsburys in Hatchwarren.

A total of 11.5 miles hiked on day 2!


“The Scouts that came on the expedition were amazing!  Having spent the last year in lockdown it was great to get out, and they not only took on the Challenge but went and put their best into it! Well done Team what a fantastic weekend of skill and teamwork you showed I am one very proud leader – Jo Mawhinney, Scout Leader”

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